Kit includes:

- Reishi mushroom extract

- Chaga mushroom extract

- Lions mane mushroom extract

- Wooden box (box design might vary)


50 or 100ml of mushroom tincture, triple extracted in alcohol (70%), distilled and restructured water and glycerin.


We use organic mushroom fruitbodies in our tinctures. The tinctures come in an amber glass bottle with a dropper.


Our mushrooms come from a certified company in Czech Republic, they are checked in a lab in Germany and processed in Portugal.


The 100ml bottle will last just under 2 months, depending on the dosage.



- Benefits the heart, helps regulate cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels
- Retards viral growth
- Reduces inflammation
- Helps protect against free radicals 
- Activates immune function
- Inhibits tumor growth
- Relieves pain
- Protects the liver
- Relieves symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and depression
- Improves cognitive function
- Improves energy
- Benefits the lungs and respiratory track


Lions Mane:

- Brain Tonic (memory\cognitive functions)
- Mood regulating
- Nerve support and repair
- Antibiotic & Anti-inflammatory
- Anticarcinogenic
- Antioxidant
- Blood sugar regulating
- Blood pressure lowering



- Immune system booster
- Antiviral and antibacterial
- Antitumor
- Cardiac support
- Blood sugar balancing

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