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What is Shakti Healing Therapy?

This therapy is based on the tantric teachings of ancient Indian female wisdom.
The focus is on harmonizing energy centers such as the sacral chakra (ovaries, uterus, vagina, uterus and everything related to these parts of the sexual, emotional and energetic aspects) and the heart chakra (breasts, lungs, physical heart and any emotional or energetic point at this level).

Ties are healed with the father and mother and, consequently, with all the women and men in your life, improving also the relationship with yourself so that you can recognize your inner beauty.

We have 2 types of Terapy:


Shakti Healing 
It is an energetic and physical massage, guided by meditations to move and unblock stagnant energies and reconnect the womb with the heart.
In this therapy, an auric reset is performed to clean the energy of the aura and restore it, leaving it like the aura of a baby ready to receive new programs, which are installed to create a new internal and external reality,
reconnecting the aura to the power of the divine father and divine mother.

Shakti Healing Astral (can be done in person or online)

In this therapy, you will be taken to the astral plane, to a higher dimension, where we will receive divine assistance from our ancestors and spiritual masters for the healing and activation of light codes.


This magical journey is designed to unblock stagnant energies, eliminate negativity and cosmic karmas. It is a "reset" of the aura that allows us to install and create new inner and outer realities.

In this therapy we work more in the astral dimensions. 



And what else can you achieve with both of these therapies?

- Heal your femininity

- Gain confidence and feminine powers

- Let go of old partners

- Free yourself from trauma or sexual blocks

- Repair your love relationship or attract the partner of your dreams

- Heal your relationship with universal masculine and feminine energy

- Activate your extrasensory perception

- Develop your ability to travel on the astral plane

- Awaken your highest consciousness



Shakti Healing - 2 hours (50€ - in Amora | 57€ at your own home in South Bay)

Shakti Healing Astral - 2 hours (45€ - in Amora or online | 52€ at your own home in South Bay

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