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Do you want to...
Mundial de Designer

Improve physical and mental health of your team?

Improve creativity, concentration and initiative?

Increase productivity?

Increase motivation?

Promote better quality of life?

Promote healthier relationships with colleagues and clients?

Decrease stress and anxiety?

Decrease sickness leave?

The Key is here:

Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

Daily or Weekly Meditation session 

* 20\30\ 45 min

* Online \ In-person

Mindfulness and Meditation Courses

8 Weeks course for Well-being, Balance and Success

* 2 hours per week

* Online \ In-person

Introduce your team to talks on Mindfulness and Meditation

* 30 minutes to 1 hour

* Online \ In-Person

Daily or Weekly Yoga sessions

* 30min to 1h30m

* Online \ In-Person

Surprise your team, at home, with a Meditation Kit:

Online Meditation class

Meditation cushion






Aromatherapy oil


and more...


Yoga Sessions

Meditation Kit

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