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Mindfulness and Meditation Course 

This  meditation course is widely recognized all over the world as a powerful method to transform our relationship with the difficulties we encounter day-to-day. It has been studied and scientific research has found that the techniques taught in this course help people to cope better with stress, anxiety, fear, depression and time and role pressure.


This online course held via Zoom consists in 8 live sessions of 2 hours each. Through verbal presentation supported by visuals, group dialogue, guided meditations and home assignments, you will have the opportunity to learn the pillars of mindfulness and specific techniques to help you build your practice and access the vast benefits of meditation.


The main learning points include:

  • Formal and informal meditation practices, focusing on the body, breath and presence.

  • Understanding the brain and human responses to challenging situations (like stress, anxiety, fear, physical and emotional pain, etc) and how to start responding, rather than reacting.

  • Changing our relationship with the things we want to avoid, building our inner resources and healthy attitudes.

  • (Re)learning to “BE”, rather than always “DOING”, connecting with our true-self.

  • Learning to be more mindful of our reactions, attitudes, thoughts, patterns of thinking, actions, habits, etc.

  • Developing self-nurturing tools, to have a more peaceful, harmonious and healthy life.


The course explores a variety of topics including:

  • Stress and time pressures

  • Physical pain

  • Difficult emotions

  • Taking care of yourself and nurturing our wellbeing

  • Living at an elevated level of function

The meditation and mindfulness techniques that are covered include:

  • Body Scan

  • Counting the breath

  • Following the breath

  • The practice of presence

  • Mindful living


  • The course will be held on Zoom platform (free to download).

  • The teacher will be live and visible at all times during the session.

  • In order to participate, you will need a computer\laptop\table, a webcam, a microphone, a stable internet connection, Zoom platform and a private space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the classes.



Are you ready to expand your mind, heal your wounds and create a foundation for your own well-being?! This is the moment!

Check the Events Page for booked courses or Contact us to arrange new dates

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