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Ruth is a Rehabilitation and Social Integration Professional, graduated from the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA), Portugal, since 2006.


Ruth has carried out several internships and projects with people with disabilities and mental illness in Portugal, Mozambique, India and England.

She has 20 years of experience in the social area and is specialized in Autism and Challenging Behavior. She worked on the development of skills and alternative communication projects. She was a supported living home´s and day service´s manager as well as a trainer for the whole company team.

She is also Thai Massage and Reflexology Therapist and Teacher since February 2008, performed at the International Training Massage School (ITM) in Thailand. She held an internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has given several Thai Massage courses in Portugal to the general public and to staff who support people with disabilities.


She graduated in Mindfulness and Meditation in England in 2017 with Zenways and run several courses to the general public and care workers.


In 2019, she finishes a Hatha Yoga course in India and started teaching the same year in Nepal, India and Japan.


In 2020, she began studying herbalism, medicinal plants, alchemical formulas, healing diets and iridology.

In 2022, she dedicated herself to the healing of women with the Shakti Healing Certification. This therapy is based on the tantric teachings of ancient Indian female wisdom. The focus is on harmonizing energy centers such as the sacral chakra (ovaries, uterus, womb and vagina and everything related to these parts of the sexual, emotional and energetic aspects) and the heart chakra (breasts, lungs, physical heart and any emotional or energetic point at this level).

In 2023, she finished a certification in Yoga and Mindfulness  for children from 3 to 12 years old.

In the same year, she completed a Sound Healing with Singing Bowls Certification, which she used in individual therapeutic sessions and in group sessions.

She currently teaches yoga & meditation in Portuguese and English to the general public, seniors, people with disabilities and multinationals. It also offers different events, workshops, retreats, courses and therapies, working full-time on this project.

The Zen Route project has a social component serving people and animals around the world, serving everyone with the aim of improving well-being and quality of life.


Ruth is a citizen of the world, lover of people, animals and nature in general and believes that all knowledge should be shared, everyone should be cared for, valued and respected.

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