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Mindfulness and Meditation

Recognizing the benefits of "decompressing" and investing in meditation and yoga can be a major key to minimizing the fatigue of your employees, increasing motivation and productivity.

*Science has proved the benefits*

· Greater employee satisfaction with their life and work;

· Greater acceptance of the difficulties that arise in the day-to-day;

· Increased of productivity;

· Greater openness in meetings and talks;

· More assertive communication (less reactive and impulsive);

· Improved relationships with the colleagues and customers;

· Increased attendance;

· Less fatigue;

· Increased motivation;  

· Lower incidence of accidents, diseases and medical casualties;

· Stress relief;


Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

Daily or Weekly Meditation Sessions

* 20\30min

*Online \In-Person

Mindfulness and Meditation Courses

8 Weeks course for Well-being, Balance and Success.

* 2 hours per week

* Online \ In-person

Walking Meditation

Surprise your staff, with a Walking meditation anywhere you choose:

* 1h to half a day

* Portugal only

Meditation Kit

Surprise your staff, at home, with a Meditation kit which can include:

Online Meditation class

Meditation cushion






Aromatherapy oil


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