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Yoga and Mindfulness for children from 3 to 12 years old

Yoga and mindfulness can transform children's school experience.  Yoga classes combine physical stretching exercises, calm breathing techniques  and mindfulness to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of children. Yoga supports children's learning in school and improves concentration, behavior and self-esteem.

I offer personalized Yoga and Mindfulness sessions in a variety of settings, including classroom, physical education, ATL and special needs.   I am qualified and insured with training in behavior management, child protection and first aid. For about 20 years I have been working in the social area, specializing in people with disabilities, mental illness and autism.

Yoga classes for children

Yoga is an activity that focuses on the individual physical development of theculture. The movements and postures taught are age-appropriate and provide opportunities for children to manage their thoughts and emotions. The child is given the tools necessary to deal with our fast-paced, results-based society in a non-competitive environment, incorporating life lessons and valuable affirmations. In addition  , yoga develops strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and body awareness, complementing the development of skills and helping to prevent injuries in other sports. Yoga is a calming activity and gives all children, regardless of their ability, the opportunity to feel good and work together in a non-competitive space.

Mindfulness in the classroom

Children are increasingly under pressure in the school day, with too much information and targeted curricula to achievea goal. Mindfulness provides children with time and space to manage their emotions, allowing them to practice calm concentration, let go of worries and make positive choices. Regular mindfulness practice  has been shown to improve outcomes for children, both at school and at home. Mindfulness options include:

- 6-10 week Mindfulness Meditation courses

- Mindful days

Children Meditating
days and courses
Children in Yoga Class
Yoga Classes
Happy children
Happy children
Little children and their teacher practicing yoga
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