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We have partnered with like-minded business owners as we believe cooperation makes life easier for everyone.

We are not here to compete with others, we hope everyone makes it!


We are bringing different arts on weaves. We create new designs by using different art mediums. A small team of 2 people but having big dreams.


Ecological movement, whose main concern is the defense of the environment, demanding environmental protection measures and working to change the habits of the Portuguese to establish a paradigm of sustainable zero-waste living.


Associação Nacional Cuidadores Informais-Panóplia Heróis

Our mission is to defend the interests of Informal Caregivers and democratic activity for the definition and application of public policies, namely the Informal Caregiver Statute, having, together with political decision makers, claimed the fight for the dignity of informal caregivers so that the statute of the informal caregiver was a reality.

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