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The Divine Masculine


Shiva Healing therapy is a powerful tool for men who seek to connect deeply with their masculine potentials, since this therapy regulates and balances the male body at a hormonal level, allowing him to have access to very lucid brain states, which will give him greater focus on his goals and more ease of concretion of both material and spiritual projects.

This therapy is designed primarily to heal any emotional or mental wounds or blockages that may be limiting or sabotaging the male's masculine potentials, by reconciling the masculine and feminine forces within him, leading him to very powerful states of ecstasy and spiritual connection.

What can Shiva Healing Therapy help you to achieve?

- Regulate your male hormones
- Activate your self confidence
- Let go of past lovers
- Heals and potentiates your sexual vigor
- Releases traumas and emotional blockages
- Heal the bond with your mother and your father
- Heal your relationship with women
- Heal your relationship with men and with yourself
- Activate your masculine potentials
- Regenerates your vital energy
- Activate your lucidity and mental concentration
- Activate your focus to achieve goals
- Purify your mind and emotions
- Free yourself from destructive patterns
- Activate your discipline, willpower and productivity
- Recover your sense of honor
- Activate your leadership
- Reconnect with the magic of courtship
- Activate your merit to success
- Heal your sense of parenthood
- Live deep mystical experiences

Duration and Price: Up to 2 hours (50€ - in Amora)

This therapy is individual (not group therapy).

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