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World Impact

We can recognize that many charities, organizations, and projects around the world are making a great social impact. These organizations are catering to the needs of people, animals, and the environment in their own unique way. However, due to lack of public awareness, financial support, needed resources, and proper use of funding, many organizations lack what they need to make a sustainable impact in their area of focus.

Zen Route has a mission to Impact Positively the World. We support individual people, animals and cooperate with charities\projects around the world that are creating a social impact in their community.


Our impact could be seen to influence positively distinct causes on different levels,  such as physiological needs, safety, health, education, self-development, etc.

How do we create Impact?

* Direct support to projects
* Support managing projects
* Training
* Hand-on approach
* Voluntary Work (assisting vets, yoga\meditation classes, etc)
* Funding of actions (part of Zen Route´s profits are donated)

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