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Blue lotus is a plant that has been revered as a sacred flower and a medicinal herb for thousands of years. It is known for its soothing powers and psychoactive properties.


Ancient cultures utilized blue lotus for medicinal purposes and spiritual alignment, given the plant’s ability to alter consciousness.


Modern herbalists recognize its potential to:

- Relieve anxiety and stress

- Supports deep relaxation

- Improve sleep

- Induce lucid dreaming

- Deepen meditation

- Increase libido (aphrodisiac qualities)

- Target inflammation

- Treat diarrhea, fevers, urinary problems, and heart palpitations


H‍ow to take:

- add a few drops (up to 18 drops) to a glass of water or place it under the tongue, once or twice a day


Our extraction:

We use organic blue lotus and alcool to extract the active ingredients. 

Concentration = 1:8


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Blue Lotus Tincture

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