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Embark on a healing journey that calms the mind!

Dive into deep relaxation!

Activate your body's natural healing abilities!

During this individual session, the singing bowls are placed over and around the body to address specific needs and blockages.

You will feel the vibrations penetrating the different layers of your Being for a profound and transforming experience.


Singing bowl therapy and meditation are easy and effective way of healing people through sound and vibration. 


It is an intense experience as one can get easily connected with the deep and tuned melody of bowls and the powerful vibration. The healing and meditation with sound can harmonize body mind and soul. It helps to understand the inner self and to concentrate on here and now. 


It is very effective even to the beginners or those who are new in meditation. 


Why singing bowl healing? 


- to harmonize, relax and activate energy in our body and mind

- to balance chakras (the energy centers)

- To reduce stress, anxiety and depression and to induce relaxation

- For aura cleansing and purification to protect from negative energy

- Improve physical, mental and emotional level

- To develop awareness and intuition

- Relief from back pain, joints pain, headache and many other issue

- For overall well being and heathy life.

Available therapies:

- Aura cleansing / energy purification  / relaxation

- Mental balance / peace

- Balancing feminine and masculine energy / Sushumna activation

- Sacral Therapy / reproductive system

- Back and joints therapy

- Chakras Healing

- Activation of the third eye and crown

- Sound & Relaxation massage

- Therapy for pregnant 


25€ (individual session - a couple of therapies might be combined in one session)

10€\person (group session)

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